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A Web Resource For NYC Parents, built by Brooklyn Chamber Member, CDL500

Hello Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Members!

Chad Lewine here, new member and owner of CDL500, Inc. On the heels of launching the Brooklyn Bazaar’s new website, I am excited to announce the launch of another client’s new quiz that helps put some NYC parents at ease. Franco Verdino of and I have been working together for 3 years now. I helped evolve their website from what was essentially a billboard to a money-making, lead-generating machine. If a business wants to fully leverage the Internet for the benefit of their brand, they need to publish and create content.

Franco is an expert in the field of Gifted & Talented education in NYC. We want to align them with that market. So the content we provide should be relevant. Franco’s customers are parents of children taking the NYC gifted and talented entrance exam. It is a busy time in their child’s educational journey. Our idea was to offer some relief to the parent who is wondering if their child is prepared to pass the exam.

Franco’s wife and business partner, Veronica Verdino, had the idea of creating a quiz. I was able to design the quiz, create or gather all of the assets and even build the quiz using a WordPress plugin. There is so much you can do with WordPress! Since I was using a pre-built quiz platform and stock images, I was able to develop and launch the quiz in about 2 weeks.

Gifted & Talented readiness quiz - - CDL500

The quiz provides the parent with the relief of knowing their next step and provides my client with tons of hot leads. If their child is deemed “ready” by our quiz, then we would sell the client on our G&T102: Gifted & Talented Test Prep course. If the child is not ready, we would sell the lead on a our G&T101: Gifted & Talented Program – a program more appropriate for their child’s needs. The quiz collects the user’s email address which is added to our email campaign manager for follow up marketing efforts.

It is important to note that this quiz (website content) materialized out of a need to leverage the traffic we’ve started to gain. After three years and some highly targeted search engine optimization, has seen months with 3,000+ visitors during the school year. Our summer camps have sold out in Williamsburg. This growth is thanks to good business partnerships between Brooklyn franchisees and marketing by CDL500, a Brooklyn based agency. I would love to form more partnerships like this. If you have questions about your own digital marketing or website design, please contact me:

Looking forward,

Chad Lewine

Chad Lewine CDL500 in suit

Featured in ‘Brooklyn Progress’ Newspaper by BK Chamber of Commerce

WOW! Thrilled to see this article about CDL500 in the Brooklyn Chamber’s publication, Brooklyn Progress. Read the article here.

CDL500 featured in Brooklyn Progress - brooklyn chamber of commerce

small business social media handbook

2017 Small Business Social Media Handbook

Since I began digital marketing for small businesses in 2010, social media has changed so much. One thing that hasn’t changed. Most of my clients have no clue how social media can benefit their business, let alone using social media effectively. A client approached me and asked to write them some instructions to use Facebook and Instagram. What started as a 5 page outline turned into an 18 page handbook that has been requested by many friends and clients alike.

After I delivered the handbook to my client, I posted a status update on my personal Facebook profile offer a private look at the handbook and an astonishing 20 friends not only liked the post but commented, saying they want to read it. So, I decided to make it publicly available. And without further ado, here is my first educational marketing publication, the 2017 Small Business Social Media handbook.

Download PDF here

2017 small business social media handbook

Want more help with social media or digital marketing? Lets have a free 30 minute phone consultation. Email 

Aligned with Wikipedia

Today, we launched the Company page of our website. We are proud to present our Philosopy and Mission Statement, both on that page.

We believe in a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

The above line is an excerpt from Wikipedia’s thank you page. We feel strongly aligned to this belief. It is our goal to help our clients transform their knowledge into consumable web media so that it may be accessed, discovered and shared just as freely.

At Long Last, Two New Websites Launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of GoldenSoul Dogs and NLO Inc. These are legacy clients that we have been working with for years. It has been a great run and we are happy to produce our final work with them.


park slope preschool parent image

We Finally Made it to #1!

It only took a few months…

But we finally made it to #1 on Google! Just search “park slope preschool” and you will find my client’s website ( high above the competition. The actual rank may vary depending on your location and search history, but this is proof that it only takes a little bit of time and patience to reach some powerful goals.

We did not use PPC or Facebook ads in this campaign! All organic!

Long lasting value.

We were seeing 1-2 leads per month before landing on the first page of search results. Now we’re seeing 1-2 leads per week. These leads are worth many thousands of dollars. The ROI for my client is going to skyrocket over the next few years.

All in all, my client spent just under $4000 between web design, organic SEO and internet marketing for a life-time lead generating tool. There’s no required upkeep unless a competitor decides to amp up their strategy. In which case, we would have a head start to maintain the ranking.

Now, are you ready to be one of my clients seeing huge ROI? What search keyword do you want to rank for? It’s only a matter of making the decision and going after your desires. Email me.

park slope preschool website design

Client Sees Huge Jump In Search Engine Rank

We designed a suite of websites for several associated franchises in the New York City area. Our goal was to rank highly on Google for very niche keywords. We purchased optimized domain names and built a website with highly optimized content. In a matter of months, all websites are on page 1 or hovering close to it.

camp williamsburg
(launched 04/05/2016)

(launched 03/01/2016)

park slope preschool

(launched 02/01/16)


(launched 05/01/2016)


These particular clients can expect a positive return on their investment within 6 months. What’s even more impressive is the lifespan of these websites. These websites don’t rely on paid PCC advertising, they are organically appearing to relevant keywords. Their competitors will have to really dig in to claim the rank back.

Contact me when you’re ready to start! -Chad Lewine

L Train Coalition

Just Launched: L Train Coalition Website

L Train Coalition

We are beyond thrilled to be sponsoring the website for the newly formed L Train Coalition. The potential disruption of the L Train in New York City is an issue we care about because it will directly affect us and hundreds of thousands of community members and businesses.

Visit the site here

Facebook Services - get reviews on your facebook page

New ‘Facebook Services’ is Good News for Local Businesses

Facebook recently launched a Professional Services platform in what could be a potential Yelp competitor. Turns out one of my clients has a really high (1st place) ranking already because of the reviews on his business Facebook Page.

If we’ve done business together and you find value in the service I provide, please consider posting a review on my business page. I’ll do the same for you! Together, we can jump start this new platform.

Facebook Services - get reviews on your facebook page


Want more reviews on your Facebook Page? Contact Me and ask how.

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