About The Company

CDL500 is an agile creative firm based in Brooklyn, NY. Headed by Chad Lewine, CDL500 has been operating since 2011. We specialize in digital marketing/advertising and the design and development of conversion optimized websites for businesses and organizations of many industries. We’ve worked with companies in education, IT, healthcare, telecommunications, entertainment, media, and hospitality. In addition to corporate projects, we enjoy creating for artists, musicians and any kind of creative professional.

Mission Statement

To partner with and help grow organizations and individuals with whom our goals and visions align.

Company Philosophy

  • Track and adopt to trends in the marketplace.
  • Leverage technology for the betterment of mankind.
  • Teach, share and offer generously.
  • Our philosophy is based on positively focused thought.
  • Our projects improve or maintain the positive well being of our clients, their associates, and our own company members.
  • Our motivation stems from the vision of a universally unified global community.
  • We don’t solve problems, we create solutions.

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