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We specialize in minimal website design for small and medium sized businesses. Our website are built not only to display information in an accessible way but also to convert visitors into leads, subscribers or customers.

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We work with website design clients in the New York City and Brooklyn metropolitan area and around the country.

brooklyn website design

We offer two tiers of website design and development.

SS Website: A premium website built on a customized Square Space theme. Flexible enough to match your identity and branding. Responsive design so it looks and works great on all devices. Account handled by a dedicated team member.

Premiere Website: Truly original design. We start with a customized WordPress theme to craft a one-of-a-kind website. The features and possibilities are endless.

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Website Design Portfolio

brooklyn website design

Once you’ve looked over my work, why not drop me an email? I love helping business owners and employees with their digital projects. 

-Chad Lewine

Chad Lewine CDL500

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