We designed a suite of websites for several associated franchises in the New York City area. Our goal was to rank highly on Google for very niche keywords. We purchased optimized domain names and built a website with highly optimized content. In a matter of months, all websites are on page 1 or hovering close to it.

[av_one_half first]camp williamsburg
(launched 04/05/2016)[/av_one_half]

(launched 03/01/2016)[/av_one_half]

[av_one_half first]park slope preschool

(launched 02/01/16)


(launched 05/01/2016)


These particular clients can expect a positive return on their investment within 6 months. What’s even more impressive is the lifespan of these websites. These websites don’t rely on paid PCC advertising, they are organically appearing to relevant keywords. Their competitors will have to really dig in to claim the rank back.

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