It only took a few months…

But we finally made it to #1 on Google! Just search “park slope preschool” and you will find my client’s website ( high above the competition. The actual rank may vary depending on your location and search history, but this is proof that it only takes a little bit of time and patience to reach some powerful goals.

We did not use PPC or Facebook ads in this campaign! All organic!

Long lasting value.

We were seeing 1-2 leads per month before landing on the first page of search results. Now we’re seeing 1-2 leads per week. These leads are worth many thousands of dollars. The ROI for my client is going to skyrocket over the next few years.

All in all, my client spent just under $4000 between web design, organic SEO and internet marketing for a life-time lead generating tool. There’s no required upkeep unless a competitor decides to amp up their strategy. In which case, we would have a head start to maintain the ranking.

Now, are you ready to be one of my clients seeing huge ROI? What search keyword do you want to rank for? It’s only a matter of making the decision and going after your desires. Email me.