ftkny.com gifted & talented quiz

Hello Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Members!

Chad Lewine here, new member and owner of CDL500, Inc. On the heels of launching the Brooklyn Bazaar’s new website, I am excited to announce the launch of another client’s new quiz that helps put some NYC parents at ease. Franco Verdino of FTKny.com and I have been working together for 3 years now. I helped evolve their website from what was essentially a billboard to a money-making, lead-generating machine. If a business wants to fully leverage the Internet for the benefit of their brand, they need to publish and create content.

Franco is an expert in the field of Gifted & Talented education in NYC. We want to align them with that market. So the content we provide should be relevant. Franco’s customers are parents of children taking the NYC gifted and talented entrance exam. It is a busy time in their child’s educational journey. Our idea was to offer some relief to the parent who is wondering if their child is prepared to pass the exam.

Franco’s wife and business partner, Veronica Verdino, had the idea of creating a quiz. I was able to design the quiz, create or gather all of the assets and even build the quiz using a WordPress plugin. There is so much you can do with WordPress! Since I was using a pre-built quiz platform and stock images, I was able to develop and launch the quiz in about 2 weeks.

ftkny.com gifted & talented quiz

The quiz provides the parent with the relief of knowing their next step and provides my client with tons of hot leads. If their child is deemed “ready” by our quiz, then we would sell the client on our G&T102: Gifted & Talented Test Prep course. If the child is not ready, we would sell the lead on a our G&T101: Gifted & Talented Program – a program more appropriate for their child’s needs. The quiz collects the user’s email address which is added to our email campaign manager for follow up marketing efforts.

It is important to note that this quiz (website content) materialized out of a need to leverage the traffic we’ve started to gain. After three years and some highly targeted search engine optimization, FTKny.com has seen months with 3,000+ visitors during the school year. Our summer camps have sold out in Williamsburg. This growth is thanks to good business partnerships between Brooklyn franchisees and marketing by CDL500, a Brooklyn based agency. I would love to form more partnerships like this. If you have questions about your own digital marketing or website design, please contact me: Chad@CDL500.com

Looking forward,

Chad Lewine