ftkny.com SEO case study

​My client (FTKny.com) started with me in late 2012. We built a simple website with no fills and no long-term strategy. The website offered information on a few learning centers in the NYC metro area. It was simply a place to send prospective customers after they visited a location or saw their advertisements in print.

Every few months Franco, my client, would call me up and request a few changes or additions to the site. Still, no strategy behind it – just website design for the very purpose of displaying information. Beautifully, if I may add 😉

A year goes by. In late 2013 Franco calls me up and says, “Chad, I want to do some SEO. My competitors are starting to show up on Google and I want to rank too. Let’s do something!”

We created our first keyword list and started with a regimented blog publishing schedule. Every other week or so I would write and publish a blog post focused on one program or service Franco was offering during that season.

We started to see a few blips here and there. A few form submissions a month and some direct calls and emails. The blog posts were starting to rank on pages 2 and 3. Our homepage was starting to rank as well, so we decided to add more carefully written and designed (optimized) content to the homepage.

Our homepage has been designed, tested and rebuilt 4-5 times since we first launched. I really wish we had taken screenshot along the way. The website header has evolved as well. At first it was a basic navigation menu. Through collaborations with the client and other professionals, slowly we crafted the header into a lead generating machine. We put a big “Contact Us” button up top which led to our master contact form. The form that our users are taken to after clicking “Contact Us” got 34+ submissions this past month (March 2017.) That’s at least one per day from just one form. There are over 15 specific forms on FTKny.com! Just imagine: that form alone is bringing at least 30 leads per month that are worth between $500 and $5000. Simply by adding carefully placed and designed calls-to-action in key areas on the website.

Now it’s 2014 and we notice a steady stream of leads and traffic was soaring in comparison to years before. “There’s something good going here,” we thought to ourselves. This right here is a pivotal moment that proves SEO and conversion optimization go hand in hand. We could have continued getting more traffic, but without optimizing the user experience and adding clear calls-to-action, we would not have collected the leads from the potential customers that were browsing our website after finding us on Google.

Fast forward another year, it’s 2015 and we are starting to dominate page 1 for several keywords. We’re up to 13 locations and are serving leads to every one of them every day. And let me add that each location pays my client $250/month just to be listed on his website! Another source of income for him.

education pittsburgh website design

We’ve continued a blog publishing regiment and I’ve audited every single page on the site for exceptional search engine optimization. Search engine robots need to know exactly what each specific page is about, or your pages or domain will get penalized for confusing information.

When we started a proper SEO campaign, there was a lot of content crossover as a result of fragmented efforts over the first few years. The audits involved splitting and combining pages to make better logical sense to search engine algorithm – which is actually, in turn, better for the human user on your website as well!

I added contact forms directly to high ranking webpages. When a user lands on our page, we want them to be able to contact us as soon as they desire. They might mentally block out the “Contact Us” button in the header if they’ve already found what they want on the page they arrived at via google search. On-page contact forms helped boost our lead generation for some services by 50%.

In 2016 we reached 3,000 average monthly sessions on FTKny.com. No PPC ads, no black hat tricks, all 100% ethical SEO strategy and tactics. Now, in Q1 2017 we’ve reached an average of 4,000 sessions and 13,000 page views per month. Our bounce rate is hovering around 50% and our average time on site is well above two minutes. (In Q3 2017 we broke 5,000 monthly sessions!)

Bottom line: my client spent about $10,000 per year for 2 years with me on SEO alone (not including general website maintenance and other marketing services). This alone generates well over $100,000 in revenue per year. My client will spend closer to $20,000 this year and I anticipate his revenue generated by the website doubling by the end of 2018 as we move into monetizing the traffic beyond generating leads.

It is my dream to start working with businesses in Brooklyn that want to achieve this level of success online and with their website. I want to get deep and dedicate myself to learning your business from the inside out. Let’s make some sales.

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