Tips for Small Businesses To Improve Their Website

Many business owners and marketers are duped into believing that a website no matter how it is designed is all they need to boost their business. This has made most of them to end up with unfriendly and low converting websites because they do not understand what it takes to design a high converting website.

There are three categories of visitors that you should be aware of when targeting your audience through your website online. There is the wild geese which is a category of customers that will never buy from you irrespective of your offer and attractiveness of your website.

The second category is called the foolhardy. This is a group of customers who will buy anything from you irrespective of your packaging and how you deliver it. The last category known as the undecided are the customers you should actually be focusing on because they are still in a decision-making journey.

What It Takes to Have a High Converting Site

There are several ingredients you need to factor into your recipe if you want your site to convert in thousands and tens of thousands.


Conversion begins and ends with your clients. This means you should first identify who your customers are and start thinking like them. Know the questions to ask and where to look for these customers.

As part of your planning, you should segment your traffic into distinct groups based on their needs. The advantage with segmenting is that it allows you to create a special appeal to your segmented groups.

Your planning should also involve getting the right keywords for each of the groups you have identified. Ask yourself why you are building the website in the first place. List your goals and what you expect from each of the pages you include.

Clarity and Simplicity

Always make things clear and simple. Invest in a clean layout, lots of white space and a call to action that is conspicuous and clear. Ensure your headlines, text, photos, and other testimonials are displayed neatly and focused on the action you want your visitors to take.

Mobile Friendliness

Compared to a decade ago, the number of people accessing the internet through mobile is more than that of desktop users. Ensure your website is tested for mobile friendliness and any issues fixed. Through Google analytics, you can tell the devices your users are using to get to your website and as such your Brooklyn website designer should factor them when tweaking your site.

Be Consistent

Your website can be likened to a stream that flows seamlessly from one point to another. Irrespective of the page your customers land on, they should experience a consistency of flow to the other pages. Consistency of information is important and this means your company information and facts and figures must read well and in harmony. The second type of consistency is that of user experience. This means the graphics, the colors, the style, and the voice must all be tied together.

Loading Speeds

Your visitors are not as patient as you may want them to be. If your website takes longer to load, they will abandon what they are doing and head straight off to your competitor. Ensure you increase loading speed by getting a reputable company to host your website and choose the plan that accommodates your site’s demands.

Lastly, do not forget to put in place attractive offers for your customers. This will entice them to convert.

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