brooklyn business mobile website review 1

This time we’ll look at 12 Chairs Cafe (restaurant), Print On Broadway (printing services) and Baby’s All Right (music venue.)


12 Chairs Cafe

12 chairs cafe mobile website review

My first though was: this site is not responsive – but still manages to work on mobile. They’ve spent a lot of time and budget on design and branding. Their branding is superior. You feel like you’re in the restaurant when you visit their website.

The website has key navigation items like menu, take out/delivery and about clearly accessible via the main menu. When you click on any of these items, the content loads in the far right of the window, which doesn’t appear on mobile devices. This almost caused me to wonder if the site was broken or if that page was empty. I had to manually scroll my window over to he right to read the content.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Google doesn’t like this site from a mobile optimization standpoint. There doesn’t appear to be much on-site optimization, but this business is probably not worried about SEO. That said, they might be suffering from a low conversion rate if their site doesn’t load right and content isn’t made easily accessible.

The menu is accessible via a PDF, which is completely unreadable by any search engine, not to mention visually impaired users. You be surprised at how many blind people use the internet just like seeing people. They need websites to be fully accessible and I don’t see this website as fully accessible. And they aren’t alone. Lots of restaurants use PDFs for their menus, but this is a shortcut. Ultimately, the menu should be typed out in text that all users and search engines can access and understand.

The website does offer all crucial contact information in the footer, which is key for converting visitors to customers. The website offers really great high resolution photos of their food and establishment, which helps with converting users to customers, too.

Overall, this website looks really great but could use to optimizing. I would rebuild on a responsive platform soon.


Baby’s All Right

baby's all right mobile website review

First, I must disclose my unending love for this venue. It’s a beautiful space that sounds great and serves up satisfying dishes. That doesn’t mean I’ll be any easier or tougher with my review!

Wow, this site pops right off the screen! It’s so simple, yet elegant. The combined transparent logo and background illustration create a unique branding opportunity and even something that’s kind of fun to play with. It’s a great example of an alternative yet effective text-based user interface.

Scrolling down, I love that their slogan is right there, in a responsive format. It just works. Nothing fancy, just good, clean information. You only have a few, simple options: calendar, food and drink, brunch, contact and store. Everything a potential customer needs to decide if they’re going to visit this venue or not.

Simple and clean worked out well for Baby’s All Right. Overall, this mobile site gets an A+!


Print on Broadway

print on broadway mobile website review

Oh boy… I don’t know where to start with this one. Flat out, this website is pretty bad on mobile. It’s also not optimized for user experience. On the homepage, there are a bunch of stark, ugly work signs available to order.
This business is a print shop, custom printing and copying, etc. I’ve even used these guys before. But why are they promoting work signs front and center on their homepage? That seems like a minimal part of their business, but I can only speculate. If it were up to me, I would renovate this website or at least the home page ASAP!

Their main menu navigation is fairly well thought out, but They really need a general “services” tab and page. It’s good that the website navigation menu has a “submit job” button. I would make this stand out with color, so the user’s eyes go right to it upon opening the page.

The webpage is not mobile responsive, so you’re looking at a micro version of the desktop website when you pull it up on your phone. The font is so small and hard to read, even when you manually zoom in.

One good thing they have going is that the branding of the site precisely matches the branding of the physical location. I’m big on brand consistency, so they get a few points for this. Not enough to get them a great review, but it’s something. One more good point is that the social media links are easily accessible in the footer.

Overall, this mobile site needs work. The business should develop a new website that shows off their services in a logical, sales-based format. Best selling items and services up front with organized pages for the rest.

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