Melissa broudo love agent

Melissa and I worked on a website together this past Winter. It was her first solo endeavor. She came to me because she knew the work I did with her husband’s business, Brooklyn Bazaar. I just received this glowing testimonial.

Working with Chad on creating my brand and website was a phenomenal experience – Chad is creative, thoughtful, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. He magically combines stellar creativity with a fine attention to detail – not many people are capable of excelling in both arenas. He is a lovely person to spend time with – funny, smart, and caring.

I always look forward to our meetings together. He also brings to the table a strong vision and creative ideas, but never in a heavy-handed way – rather, he can help guide your project or website with thoughtful suggestions and help propel you in the right direction.

He really is there for you and what you need – whether you are beginning a completely new project or re-branding or re-vamping, he can meet you where you are at and work with you to build exactly what you need. He is incredibly tech-savvy, and thus is capable of assisting you in numerous platforms and mediums.

He is creative and artistic, and thus has a great eye when it comes to website design or branding generally. His input and support has been truly invaluable to me, and I cannot recommend Chad strongly enough! A wonderful person to work with!!

Thank you so much, Melissa! It was a pleasure to work with you as well.

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