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​Recently I began doing some SEO design competitor research.

When it comes to SEO, it seems design often takes a back seat in the majority of the websites I’ve come across. Since Google’s SEO crawlers don’t read colors or care about your branding, it might seem like it’s OK to let design slip. Really, it’s not.

Granted, a lot of the lack of design I am referring to occurs on mobile devices. That’s detrimental because more and more searches are happening on mobile devices. Now is the time to be sprucing up the design on your mobile / responsive websites – not ignoring it.

I would like to challenge all SEO experts to raise their standard of design.

I’m tired of seeing all-white pages with ages and ages of text and cheaply designed images, or blatantly stock photos. Now, having one or a few of these design shortcuts is OK here and there, but hanging your entire website’s design on shortcuts isn’t going to cut it for much longer.

Users aren’t obviously to this anymore. An average internet user, especially a saavy mobile device user, is quickly growing to be able to tell if a website was slapped together just to sell them something or if the website is going to provide a nice experience.

Personally, I don’t trust websites that have lack luster design, typos, bugs with their moving parts, or overlapping text and images, etc. My websites are designed with “good design” at the forefront. Proper branding elements, matching colors, open space, and vivid custom images or appropriately sources stock photos are cornerstones of my design process. Once designed and search engine optimized, I put my websites through rigorous testing on multiple devices to expose and fix all possible bugs and glitches in the design.

SEO Can Be Pretty

It’s possible to merge world-class SEO with world-class website design. Case in point: this very website that you are reading right now. I designed it to look great, work great and rank high on Google. I’d say it hits on all of those points!

Want to clean up your website or SEO strategy?

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