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SEO Success Story: Park Slope Preschool

Rank: #3 on Page 1

(originally written in late 2016)

The success of Park Slope Preschool is one of commitment and patience. It began with a need to generate a very specific type of lead for a client. The client offers many programs, and our search engine optimization work was starting to show results in other aspects of their business, but one location in particular was suffering.

My client didn’t know what to do. It had not been like that the year before. He was out of ideas having burned through his traditional marketing budget and platforms. Direct mail wasn’t giving them a return and it seemed local competitors were popping up all over and taking huge market share.

In somewhat of a panic, my client asked if we could build a website dedicated to one type of lead. I said, yes of course, and that was the birth of Park Slope Preschool.

In order to create a seamless experience, we decided to create a sub-brand. This would allow the website to be fully focused on a our target keyword. We designed the website so that would look just as perfect on mobile as it would on a desktop or laptop. We chose a URL that reflected the keyword we wanted to rank for: park slope preschool. Since we were building this site from scratch with SEO in mind, we could optimize from the get go. Our competition was not optimized for such specific search queries, so we felt confident in our pursuit. The site took just under one month to build.

We landed on page 7 upon launch. The days go by… about 2 weeks in we jumped to the bottom of page three. It was at this time that we began our inbound linking building. We added the link to all of our related websites and started reaching out to local media platforms. We secured a few links as the next two month progressed. These helped push us to the middle of page two. Teetering on the brink of page one for about a month, we opened the throttle and added a moderate amount of highly targeted content to the site.

*Update* holding steady between #1 and #3 for over a year now