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Is it time to redesign? Well you’re already on this page…

Just like automobiles, factory machines and even Human Resources, websites don’t last forever. Machines break down, cars and trucks fail and employees quit or need to be let go. Just like other aspects of your business, websites need constant service and upgrades.

Website technology is changing and improving at a blistering pace. In order to keep up with the market you should be evaluating your website annually and rebuilding every 3-5 years. If you’re on the fence about redesigning your website, you probably need to go ahead with it. Here are a few reasons to redesign your website:

Search engines like fresh content.

Plus, if you engage CDL500 to design your new website it will undoubtedly incorporate a more effective user experience which will significantly increase your SEO value. That means higher rankings on Google! (read more about best SEO practices on my SEO expert services web page)

It gives you something to promote.

Building a new website is something that is worth publishing a press release about. Maybe you bundle the website launch with a special deal on a product or service. A shiny new, optimized website will attract new business and keep old customers coming back.

There are new technologies available.

If your site is outdated, you’re missing out on powerful new features and integration with other platforms like social media and Yelp. An old website can be rigged to work, but building a new website from the ground up with the newest features will last longer and cost less in the long run.

Have you had your website for a few years now? Maybe you even built it last year but your business has changed or grown dramatically and the website doesn’t represent that growth?

Do your competitors’ websites make you nervous or insecure about your own website?

Sounds like it’s time to build a new website. Since your business will grow and change over time, your website needs to grow and change with it. If you have an outdated website, it will not convey the quality and full picture of your business and company culture.

We’ve done many rebuilds and website redesigns. We take into account what you like about the old site and what you want in a new website. We combine the best of what’s working and what’s new. Your branding will be carried over to the new website along with any content (text, images, videos) that you like and are still applicable to your business and the website’s overall goal.

Let’s have a brief chat about your new website! Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.