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So you’re looking to build a new website or redesign your old one. You might hear some website designers talking trash on pre-built WordPress themes.

Pre-Built Themes Are Still Professional

Truth is, there is no shame in using a pre-built WordPress theme for your website. It’s actually the most budget-friendly option for most small businesses. Website theme developers spend tens of thousands of dollars creating perfect themes and then selling them to designers at a fraction of the cost.

Themes Are Cool and Affordable

Themes are a cool and affordable way to get the quality of a custom built website. I use pre-built WordPress themes for all of my websites. I would be hard pressed to find someone that would recognize or even care because of the final product I deliver. Here are a bunch of reasons

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Why I Believe in Pre-Built WordPress Themes:

  • Most visitors to your site won’t know the difference. Only a trained eye and experience designer or developer might recognize the theme. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Pre-built WordPress themes are way more affordable! The features that are included in most modern WordPress themes are extremely powerful and comprehensive. To create the same features on a custom-built WordPress website would double or triple the overall cost of your website project.
  • There are only so many effective website layouts. Collectively, we’ve been through the full spectrum of possible website layouts. Gone are the days of being overly unique and creative with your website layout. If you want your visitors to convert (sign up, buy, or contact you) then you want to make it super easy for them to do so. When I choose a WordPress theme, I consider ease of use, clean and clear modules or sections of the page, branding customization and how it looks on mobile devices – and that’s just a taste of what goes into my decision making.
  • Pre-built WordPress themes save time. That extra time (read: your money) allows me to focus on building your website to generate leads. Taking the grunt work out of website design and skipping right to the optimization and content development gives me an edge on other designers. While they are still tinkering with that silly bug, I am finishing up your landing pages or writing blogs that will start earning you leads, which equals SALES!
  • They are great for your SEO. Pre-built themes are designed up to web standards, which means they are an inherently great foundation for boosting the search engine optimization of your website. This is so important if you want to rank on Google and generate leads from your website.

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Some of my best websites have been built on the same theme. I used to think that using the same theme more than once was cheating, but my view has changed. Now I see it like this: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Why spend hours searching for a new theme when you have one that already does an awesome job? For the most part, we’ve already figured out some of the best layouts that hit on all important user experience touchpoints like:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to use
  • Clear navigation
  • Clear division of sections on a page
  • Intuitive page hierarchy
  • Responsive design

Plus, a lot of pre-built WordPress themes come with back-end features like drag-and-drop page builders that significantly cut down on labor AND help make for cleaner, more uniform web pages.