facebook ads - what's so great about them?

​Facebook ads are powerful.

Facebook Ads can be a golden goose for some products and services. You may ask yourself “Why should I consider running Facebook ads?” Here are a few reasons for starters:

  • Their ROI is through the roof (if done right.)
  • They work with almost any budget.
  • They can be tracked and altered based on performance.
  • Your competitors are running them.
  • Businesses big and small are using them to find new customers.

Business owners and marketing managers in all sorts of industries are realizing the benefits of advertising on Facebook. It’s only been a few years that Facebook ads have gone mainstream, so if you start now, you’re still way ahead of the curve. It might seem like everyone is advertising on Facebook, but it’s not the case. Beating your competitors to the Facebook market can mean massive market share potential!

The masses are catching up slowly, but you’d be surprised how many small businesses and even mid-to-large companies still allocate huge portions of their marketing budgets to print, radio and TV advertising that simply does not work? Why doesn’t it work as well anymore? Because it misses big segments of entire generations. (Heck, I don’t even own a true TV and I pay Hulu to skip commercials.) Get in the game people! Your customers are online. They’re not watching TV. (Well OK, there are a few demographics that still watch TV, but they’re dwindling.) However, if you’re reading this you probably don’t want to run TV ads! Good. Keep reading.


Targeting Users with Facebook Ads

On what other platform can you simultaneously target basic demographics like age, gender location AND unique demographics like ‘recently engaged’, new parents, income level, online shopping habits and even details like favorite TV shows and music genre? Facebook, of course! Facebook’s open graph has exploded the big data industry, which means more qualified leads for you. When Facebook users like a page, post a status or comment, or simply browse the platform, that data is recorded and helps marketers target users who actually care about your product or service. It’s important to rigorously audit and keep tabs on your Facebook campaign’s target audience(s), as you can easily burn ad dollars on the wrong target market if your marketing manager isn’t focused.

Read a short Facebook ads case study here


Rich Media Advertising Platform

Most PPC platforms only offer video, image and text content for their ads. Facebook allows you to display a multitude of rich media and native ads*.  This gives Facebook an advantage over other PPC platforms like google’s display network and other remarketing platforms. With Facebook, you can even design ads that pop open a contact form right on Facebook!

Once you determine your market do you have the chance to show them and ad that they’ll love. Producing a high quality video and promoting on Facebook is a popular way of getting exposure and generating leads. You could also create micro web pages tailored to the ad, creating a consistent branding experience from the news feed through to your website where you’ll convert the visitor into a customer!


Social Sells More

Friends love to tell their friends about something cool. Friends also love to drag their friends into something so they don’t have to do it alone. It could be an event or the trial purchase of a new product. We once read about a company that gave away thousands of cheap products to people and their friends on Facebook in order to sell higher priced items and build their captive audience for remarketing and inbound marketing uses.

When you hire the right marketing expert, it’s easy to use a Facebook ads to send people to your website. But… once they get there, it’s up to you and your website to close the sale. If you send people to your site but the site isn’t set up to convert leads coming from a specific source (just like with SEO) you’ll just be burning money on Facebook ads. Your website works in tandem with any marketing campaign. The experience must be seamless from acquisition to conversion.

It’s sometimes beneficial to design an individual landing page for each individual ad or ad set that you deploy on Facebook. The more at-home the user feels on your website, the more likely they are to convert. It’s called “ad scent.” The scent has to be the same from when the users sees the ad, all the way through to your website and then any further steps in the sales funnel. I’m repeating myself here, but brand and experience consistency is so important in any marketing campaign.


*What’s a native ad? Native advertising is a form of paid media that is frequently adopted by content marketers. By definition, it is any paid content that is “in-feed” and inherently non-disruptive. –OutBrain