how to critique a website

7 Steps to Critique a Website

There are several guidelines to follow if you want to learn how to critique a website. First, you must asses from an unbiased perspective. It is important not to look at a site and say: “Oh my site has this so…” or “my site doesn’t have this so…” When you start with an unbiased perspective, you set yourself up for a more-fair critique. If you base everything on your own websites or design work, you won’t get as clear of a result. Once you adopt this perspective, then, you can critique a website based on the following:

1. User Interface (UI)

  • How easy is it to navigate? Do you know what each button or link will do?
  • First find the main navigation bar.
  • Locate distinct sections and pages of the site.

2. User Experience (UX) / Information Architecture

  • Does the page and post (blog) structure make logical, sort-able sense?
  • Did you find what you want?

3. Brand Recognition – Do you feel like you are on the same site from page to page?

  • Does the same logo, font and colors appear throughout the site?

4. Page loading speed

  • How fast does it load? Does scroll smoothly? Are there are loading hang ups? You can use pages like GTMetrix to test page speed.

5. Mobile functionality

  • Does it look good and work well on mobile devices like tablets and phones?

6. Are there clear CTAs? (Calls to action)

  • A website should have one or two main goals. Do the assets on the page guide users toward a clearly degfined and trackable goal?

7. Does your content give your visitors what they want?

  • Just because people come to a website doesn’t mean they leave with what they want. Would a random visitor be able to find what they were looking for on the website you are critiquing? Does the content match what is expected based on branding and marketing?

Want more help learning how to critique a website?

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