conversion optimization

​It’s 2017. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can build a website. This has given many entrepreneurs, artists and businesses owners the chance to get online at a fraction of the cost and time that it used to, which is great. However, this has also allowed just about anyone to call themselves a website designer and charge for their services. Nothing wrong with making some money, but this has led to the watering down and polarization of the web design industry. Most of the websites built by hobbyists and amateurs may look good, work well, and even rank high on google, but lack a decisive direction and goal for the website’s visitors. Uh oh!

KissMetrics published an article about conversion optimization:  5 Psychological Principles of Highly Converting websites, check it out.

Conversion Optimization Basics

When a user lands on your website they need direction. Unless they are really familiar with your business or are super internet savvy, website visitors rely on the website itself to give the the right direction and options to find what they want.
Conversion optimization is the highly goal-oriented planning and placement of assets like content sections, buttons and links in the most intuitive place so that your visitor can find what they want and to take action. These actions are called conversions. The most common examples are filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter or completing a purchase.

Too often do I come across websites that are almost there. They have good intentions but the execution doesn’t quite cut it. A button may be in the right place but the words on it or by it don’t correlate enough to help the user make a connection. You’d be surprised how much design elements like color and content elements like word choice have an affect on conversion rate. Conversion optimization aims to capture as many leads as possible from traffic to your website.

Converting Users Into Buyers is Key

If your site was self-built or designed by an amateur, there’s a high probability that it’s not conversion optimized. You may be missing leads simply because users are lost once they get to your site. You may be offering exactly what they want but the site doesn’t give it to them fast enough or clearly enough for them to take action.

Converting a user to a lead is at the core of my website design and SEO marketing services. Without a clear goal and purpose for every single page and section of each page, you’re leaving money on the table. Don’t let those valuable users bounce from your site before taking action.

Imagine landing on a website that offered incredible information or the exact right product, but no way to buy or download this data. This website lacks conversion optimization. Without a direct goal, your website will bounce users over and over. A bounce is when a user lands on a page on your website and then leaves without taking another step. Conversion optimization is the art of ensuring those users that are most qualified can get to the information or take the steps necessary to get what they want out of your website.

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