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Hiring a WordPress consultant can greatly increase your website’s overall performance. It can be fun and rewarding to build and launch a new WordPress website for your business, but don’t do it alone! A WordPress consultant weighs in on issues like SEO, conversion optimization and user experience – all items that can hinder your website’s performance if not properly set up and integrated.

WordPress is the most popular content management system at the moment and it’s no question why: it works great, is great for SEO and is relatively easy for non-web professionals to use. This makes WordPress a great choice (no-brainer) for small business owners that want to update their site on their own, increase efficiency and keeping cost down.

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A WordPress Consultant is your Marketing Partner

However, even with it’s flexibility and easy to use interface, designing and building a WordPress website requires specialized skills and knowledge. A WordPress consultant can help you determine the best designers, developers and marketers to team up with and make your website better.

As a WordPress consultant myself, what makes me different is that I perform and execute most of the strategies and projects I suggest. Unless there is something custom to be developed, I design and build all the WordPress websites I consult on and all the websites seen in my portfolio. This puts me in a powerful position to help speed up the web development process and help keep projects running smoothly.

WordPress Consultants Speak the Language of Designers, Developers and Clients

Business owners and WordPress website developers speak different languages. They use vastly different industry vernacular that can slow communication and causes requests and issues to get lost in translation. A WordPress consultant knows enough of both languages to ease the frustration clients and developers feel when trying to convey their ideas to each other.

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Since I can speak to you (the client) and the developers, I make up for the communication boundaries that rise, typically between developers and clients. These two aren’t meant to be directly in touch, save a few exceptions. The WordPress consultant acts as a buffer to flesh out any issues that pop up before they become an impetus to the project’s progression. To wrap up, here’s a list of ways a WordPress consultant can help your website:

  • Speaks both your language and the developer’s language
  • Suggests better web design choices based on your goal
  • Acts as a buffer between designers, developers and the client.
  • Has experience building a website from concept to launch.
  • Addresses complications early so that client doesn’t have to later.
  • Provides advice and consulting services to keep your WordPress project optimized and on time.
  • Answers client questions that designers and developers may not be able to.
  • Can provide feedback to designers and developers so that they understand it on the first go round.

Want more info? Talk with me, a Brooklyn WordPress consultant. We can set up a free consultation to establish where you’re at, where you want to go and how to get there.

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