brooklyn websites vol II

Part II of my Brooklyn small business website critique include some small, hyper local business in my neighborhood: Bed Stuy (and surrounding hoods.) Myrtle Ave is changing; Depanneur, my favorite gourmet bodega from Williamsburg, just opened a location on Myrtle at Pratt.



I have been following Namastuy on Instagram since their inception. The brand is on point for the services they offer and the audience they are catering to. Built on Squarespace, the site takes advantage of Squarespace’s promotional features like the top bar and the pop up email subscribe form. I would make sure the pop up doesn’t activate on mobile devices. Pop ups on mobile can contribute to lower Google rankings. The colors and font are readable and complimentary. If I ever take a yoga class, it will be here.

namastuy website screenshot



Dep’ went all-in minimal on their website. I kinda like that. They used a vertical menu, much like an Indexhibit website. The black and white sans-serif text is easy to read. Maybe the ultra-stark website is compensating for how colorful their shops are. I feel happy about what I am going to get when I enter their shops but the website doesn’t make me feel the same. I think they are trying to use the site as an ecom site… the goal is getting a bit lost. Maybe splitting the site into a brick-and-mortar collection of pages and a seprate ecommerce site would help the overall user experience. Despite this identity crisis, the business has earned a slot in the top 7 vol ii.

depannuer brooklyn website screenshot

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