Vimeo OTT video subscription platform

Vimeo OTT: A New Way To Make Money Using a Netflix-style Video Subscription Service

Do you offer a service that can be consumed or distributed through video? Do you want to start a YouTube channel but aren’t sure how to make money? Maybe you want to start your own Netflix-style website.

I am excited to tell you that Vimeo has delivered an incredible new platform that allows anyone to start an OTT video subscription service. OTT means over-the-top, which really means over the cable and broadcast companies. Much like you can do on YouTube, but with a subscription service built in.

vimeo ott video streaming service

Who is using Vimeo OTT?

Professionals like Jillian Michaels are using this platform. The best part is that there is no up-front costs. Vimeo takes a certain cut from each subscriber.

  • Add new videos and metadata in seconds
  • Customize your website, apps, and checkout page
  • Own customer data in one central dashboard
  • Track subscriber growth and churn
  • Stream live video to your audience

Your Own Video Streaming App

Offer your audiences a custom app that matches your brand’s look and feel. With in-app subscriptions and ever-improving features, viewers get an incredible user experience on all platforms.

Contact me today to discuss your OTT video subscription service!