language school seo services brooklyn

learn french brooklyn logoIt’s only been a matter of months and our client is skyrocketing to the top of our target SRPs. That means the top of Google for search terms like “french classes in brooklyn”! Check out the list of search terms below. We’re coming out swinging and won’t let up until we’re on page 1 for all applicable search terms.

How did we do it? We’ve used almost exclusively on-page and technical SEO tactics only. We haven’t even begun a link building campaign. We’re also in the client’s slowest season. Can’t wait to see what happens over the next few months!

Take a look at our Search Analytics for’s performance below.

language school seo services brooklyn

What the chart above says is, in the last three months:

  • Our website showed up 2,470 times on Google
  • Our website was clicked 79 out of those 2,470 times
  • Our average click-through-rate is 3.2% (not bad)
  • Our average ranking is 45 (the middle of page 4) I am not worried about this. We rank for many many search terms that we aren’t targeting – thus bringing down our overall average. We are ranking higher for the search terms that really count.

french classes SEO services

To explain the image above, the first number is clicks and the second column of numbers is impressions. We’ll use the search term “learn french brooklyn” as the example. In the last three months:

  • People searching for “learn french brooklyn” saw our website 62 times
  • Of those 62 times, our website was clicked 16 times. Not bad at all! Our domain name plays a big part in this search term.

We love getting results for our clients! Contact us to talk about ranking higher on Google!