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Written by Junaid Ali Qureshi

Knowing when to revamp your digital marketing strategies is the right decision for your business. One of the biggest fears that businesses will always come across is the threat of competitors. Competitors always have the advantage over you as the leader because they always sit back to check the times you fell short on delivery. When they find the weak spots of your company, they develop a better strategy to beat you to it.

For every business year there is always a new digital shift. When this digital shift becomes impactful enough, it becomes a part of the new business trend. All modern business strategy in this digital age should accommodate an approach that allows for digital transformation. Now if you always want to stay at the top of your industry at all times, you have to continuously revamp your digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

As we witness continuous transformation since the rise of the internet and mobile technology, the advent of new marketing trends is inevitable in the digital world. Today’s brands need to reach out to their customers through digital marketing and advertising efforts that includes video contents, social media, websites and other channels to stay relevant to customers.

The different ways to revamp your digital marketing strategy include

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

The increase in smartphone technology has brought user experience to a peak that can be
explored by brands, companies and businesses alike. Augmented reality can be integrated to help
maximize user experience for your consumers by letting them visualize your services from the
very point where they’re currently situated.

2. Mobile Domination

The popularity of smartphones and digital devices is shaping the digital market to go mobile. All
digital marketing strategy from now has to capture mobile optimization in order to stay on the radar of their target markets. Your mobile digital marketing strategy should be able to send targeted messages to potential customers within a specific location.

3. More Ads

The more content goes to mobile and handheld devices, the more traditional marketplaces go obsolete. Within the same location you get to see different market zones even though they sell the same items. This idea is a way to fix proximity. When consumers go online to purchase all they need, the only way to make yourself visible is leveraging on the power of ads. Ensure to rebuild your brand’s ad strategy in 2018 to avoid all efforts being ignored by consumers.

4. Go Live Video

Consumers are running away from fully edited videos. Posting a video online doesn’t promote customer experience which is at the heart of 2018 digital marketing strategies. With live videos, your consumers get to know more about your products and services while having an active participation during video sessions. This marketing strategy is a great way to connect with your audience and customers alike.

5. Chat bots for support

The best support you can offer your consumers is a business that is available 24/7. This service is completely possible with the numerous technological advancements we have currently established in AI technologies. In a split second, your chatbot can help potential customers to make purchasing decisions by offering real-time responses.

Live chat has found a spot in the limelight of digital marketing with an added beauty where you don’t have to do it yourself and still easily give a feeling to your consumers that the business is always ‘ON’ for them.

6. Personalize Contents

Every aspect of digital marketing is dependent on the content generated by the service provider and the content generated for the consumer. When you personalize contents based on location, targeted audience, etc. you can attract and retain customers with ease. Content-rich marketing campaigns combined with voice search, will lead all potential customers knocking on your business door and towards the purchase of your products and services.

7. Customer Experience

If you aspire to make your digital marketing transformation better and deliver the required numbers for your business then a focus on the customer experience is all you need. If you find your business involved in any form of digital transaction, staying above the competitors in your industry or niche means you get to build and execute a strategic plan to improve customer experience.

All in all, you can’t do away with the writers either, they are the blueprint of storytelling. The story you are putting out there also needs to have a visibility support through an SEO agency.

The impact of mobile optimization requires that voice marketing be strong enough to increase user experience and smart marketers know that a WordPress website designer will help you stay competitive too.

You have to continuously stay informed with latest industry trends while being ahead of the curve to give your users the firsthand experience they deserve.