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WordPress, Squarespace, Wix; What’s The Difference?

The difference is control. However, keep in mind that since Squarespace, Wix and other DIY website builders host you on their servers, you only get so much control over the visual and technical aspects of your site. WordPress is free content management system, built on your own server, which means you have complete control of your website. I wouldn’t be able to promise the results if we are building or working on a non-WordPress (or hand coded) website.

The trade off is ease-ofuse. Squarespace and others are still easier than learning HTML and CSS, yes, but WordPress has plugins that do the same thing now. That said, if you are dead-set on building your own website and you don’t want to learn a lot of code, by all means, use Squarespace or Wix. As long as you know the limits, we’ll be here to help you – even if you choose those platforms.


How Long Until I See Results from SEO?

It’s typical to see upward rank movement in three months. Achieving page 1 and first place rankings can take from 6 months to a year. Competitive keywords can take years. Consider what it would take to go head to head wtih National Geographic (nature keywords) or VistaPrint (printing keywords).


What is Your Customer Onboarding Process?

First we’ll have an introductory phone call or meeting to exchange further contact information, establish communication preferences, draft a preliminary project timeline, settle on all fees (make a deposit) and agree on a payment schedule.

I like to get to know the company from the inside out. It is imperative to our success together that I get a firm handle on how your company operates – so I can emulate that online. I’ll ask for a list of employees, history of the business and the cost of each product or service we’re going to be promoting.


What Should I Look For In A Website Designer or SEO Expert?

Do your due-diligence. Not all website designers are great at business and not all SEO experts are good at website design. I like to position myself as a businessman with a specialty in SEO and website design.

This article is a great resource for vetting SEO experts, as is this in-depth article by Connex Digital Marketing.


Why Should I Spend Thousands of Dollars on a Website?

Think about your website as an investment. It is not just a pretty billboard anymore. If you want to actually generate sales from your website, switch your perspective from that of “virtual billboard, less value than my other marketing tactics” to “virtual store front, unlimited potential to generate leads.” and you may find it easier to raise your budget or find more comfort in the budget you have committed to.

Think about your website design project or SEO project as a construction project. There is a base fee but then there are always expenses along the way. Websites can be the same. While small, there will almost always be unanticipated expenses along the way. Just plan for those before locking yourself into a budget.

How Do Your Services Stand Out?

As an independent business owner and operator I am able to give full attention to each client that hires me. I have the industry knowledge and millennial ingenuity to provide stand-out service to my clients.


What Do You Enjoy About This Work?

There is nothing more satisfying that launching a finished website or seeing my clients’ websites show up higher and higher on Google rankings.

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