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The 2018 WordPress SEO Checklist
The 2018 WordPress SEO Checklist You Can’t Afford to Miss

The 2018 WordPress SEO Checklist You Can’t Afford to Miss Let’s face it, SEO or Search…

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Top 7 Free SEO Tools

Here’s a list of free SEO tools and resources to audit the SEO value of your…

Vimeo OTT video subscription platform
Start Your Own Video Subscription Service

A New Way To Make Money Using a Netflix-style Video Subscription Service Do you offer a…

website fomo - web design by cdl500
Website FOMO

Everyone wants a beautiful website! But you don’t have to experience the dread that is website…

rise of social media customer care
[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media Customer Care

Just received a very cool, very detailed infographic about the rise of customer care on social…

brooklyn websites vol II
Brooklyn Small Business Websites – Vol II

Part II of my Brooklyn small business website critique include some small, hyper local business in…

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Sortfolio is a highly exclusive directory of web designers. It took a few months but they… top brooklyn web designers 2017
CDL500 Named Top Web Designer by

Wow, thank you!! looked at 558 web designers and narrowed those down to 21, one…

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Quick Blitz SEO Successes

Since not everyone can always afford a full monthly SEO campaign, I’ll work on a single…

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WordPress Consultant: Why Hire One?

Hiring a WordPress consultant can greatly increase your website’s overall performance. It can be fun and…