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rank on page 1 of google
Quick Blitz SEO Successes

Since not everyone can always afford a full monthly SEO campaign, I’ll work on a single…

brooklyn website designer chad lewine
WordPress Consultant: Why Hire One?

Hiring a WordPress consultant can greatly increase your website’s overall performance. It can be fun and…

conversion optimization
Conversion Optimization: What Is It?

​It’s 2017. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can build a website. This has…

top 7 prebuilt wordpress website themes
Top 7 WordPress Themes

Since discovering ThemeForest in 2012, I have been thrilled when I get to choose and test out…

how to critique a website
[Tutorial] How To Critique a Website

There are several guidelines to follow if you want to learn how to critique a website….

pittsburgh SEO expert
Pittsburgh SEO Expert

Hey, Pittsburgh! I just love your city. If was after attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh…

brooklyn small business website review 01
Top 7 Brooklyn Small Business Websites – Vol. I

As a Brooklynite and self-proclaimed Brooklyn aficionado, I thought it might be fun to make a…

pittsburgh food blogger website the phantom patron
The Phantom Patron’s New Website

I love good food, exploring cuisine and eating at new restaurants. All. The. Time. So does…

facebook ads - what's so great about them?
Facebook Ads: What’s So Great About Them?

​Facebook ads are powerful. Facebook Ads can be a golden goose for some products and services….

brooklyn business mobile website review 1
Brooklyn Business Mobile Website Review 01

This time we’ll look at 12 Chairs Cafe (restaurant), Print On Broadway (printing services) and Baby’s…