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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (search engine optimization) is a digital marketing strategy that helps you rank higher on search engines. Everyone talks about wanting to be #1 on Google, and yes, it is possible! What many small business owners fail to realize is the amount of competition in some markets. As an SEO consultant, I have conquered many keywords for several clients using ethical SEO tactics and campaigns. Read more about what it takes to run a successful SEO campaign below.

SEO is not just about keywords.

It’s about intention. It’s about giving the user exactly what they want. Does your website give them that? Is it easy to find exactly what they want once they land on your website?

Google has expanded their algorithm to include much more than just keywords. Now, websites must not only give the user what they are searching for, but also encourage the user to take action.

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Your site needs to be fast.

SEO is also not only about making your website 1) easy for Google to read, 2) work intuitively and 3) give the user what they want. It also has to load fast – faster than your competitor’s sites.

When you engage CDL500 to work on your SEO, we’ll do everything we can to increase your PageSpeed score, which helps you rank higher on Google.

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SEO is an art and science.

We use a white-hat, transparent & ethical SEO strategy. Beyond on-page and technical SEO techniques, we employ content marketing, blog publishing and link-building to boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs.) Our goal is to have your web pages appear as a top search result for all relevant keywords or search queries!

SEO Experts Abound​

There are tons of SEO gurus, experts and strategists. However, you shouldn’t hire an SEO that simply knows what works. You should hire a specialist that is always forging ahead. We at CDL500 are constantly reading, learning and applying what we learn to help our clients get better results from their search engine marketing investments.

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When looking for an SEO expert, business owners have countless options available; especially in Brooklyn. After all, it is a hot bed for innovation. That’s why I am proud to offer my innovative SEO/search engine optimization marketing services to Brooklyn and the world. There’s no big secret to how SEO works. Since most search engines don’t publicly release their algorithms, SEO is all about trial and error. Since we’ve had a few years now to experiment, a great Brooklyn SEO expert know what works and what doesn’t. Read how to hire an SEO professional on WikiHow.

That’s right, SEO is an investment

It’s an ongoing process with unbelievable rewards for those who play the long game. Unlike PPC ad campaigns, SEO campaigns drive traffic to your website long after you’ve done the work. With PPC ads, your traffic stops the moment you stop paying to show up on Google. PPC is less of a long term investment and more of a traditional ad campaign. While there is a place for PPC, if you want a better return on your marketing dollars, allocate more of your budget to a search engine optimization / search marketing campaign. You won’t regret it.

​SEO is about answering questions

And answering queries. It’s how Alexa and Siri work. If there weren’t great SEO experts working on Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon, etc., there would be no way for AI platforms like those to find the right data. SEO is about giving the people what they want, and we all want something now and again. Search engine optimization has allowed for call and response in the marketplace. Basically, when a customer performs a search on Google they are calling out for what they want – they are asking the market for a solution to their problem or need.

Through SEO, the best providers bid not with money but with the quality and relevance of their content. Google then picks the most relevant provider (the most optimized web pages) and serves them to the customer in a search result. The first page of Google is where the best solution providers are and that’s why we all want to be there. That’s what this Brooklyn SEO expert can do for your company. We help you create the most optimized web pages so that Google picks your website to show to the customer first.

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