About Chad Lewine, Founder

Chad began a life of computers at the age of 3. His parents worked from home so they both had computers starting in the early 90s. He cut his teeth on IBMs and quickly became interested in web pages once he got access to the internet at home.

Chad Lewine has been professionally designing websites for over 10 years. Chad was tinkering on every website building platform there was – learning the basics and eventually building his first website at the age of 9. Closing his first website sale in 7th grade, He began as a youngster tinkering in MS-DOS, playing computer games and customizing web pages in the AOL days.

Graduating from Art Institute of Pittsburgh with an A.S. in Web Design and Interactive Media, Lewine moved to Brooklyn in 2011 for a high-profile agency job. He began freelancing full-time shortly after that. Now, Chad is at the helm of designing and marketing websites for local and national clients. CDL500 is both a digital marketing agency and the umbrella organization for Lewine’s professional dealings in art, music, and B2B services.

chad lewine photo by greg arciniega
Chad Lewine - pittsburgh website designer

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