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Content Marketing – what is it?

Sounds vague, right? I can assure you that it is quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing. The cool part is that most companies already do some content marketing by default. See our content marketing process to the right, or below if you’re on a mobile device.

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Classic Content Marketing Examples

  1. Free maps and guides at car rental locations
  2. The free AARP magazine
  3. E-mail newsletters with useful and relevant content
  4. High res photos and videos that tell emotionally connected stories

The idea is to provide high quality, useful content that helps a user without them even having to convert or become a customer. Out of the pure kindness of your business’ heart, you offer information at no cost with hopes of that user coming back, keeping an eye on you, signing up for your email newsletter and thereby turning into a customer.

The actual content of a content marketing campaign can quite literally be anything. You could film yourself reciting a list of the “Top 20 Best Tips” for your industry. I could write up a list of the best coffee shops in my Brooklyn, NY neighborhood. Although it doesn’t directly relate to my industry of marketing, clients and colleagues would be interested in trying some of the places on my list.

Industry Specific Content Marketing Examples

  • Restaurant – Writing a list of the best chicken dishes in your neighborhood.
  • Nightclub – Produce a mini video of the hottest acts that come through your venue.
  • Medical – Conduct a survey of patients’ positive results and publish those in a quarterly digest along with other patient and office successes.
  • Web-based store – Do a photo shoot featuring your greatest products and write a clever story about them.
  • Educational – Create videos that show a “day in the life” of students.
  • Retail – Use Yelp and Google+ reviews to create a digital collage of reviews.
  • B2B – Interview your clients for testimonial material and release a new interview every two weeks.
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