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Hi, I’m Chad Lewine. I am a seasoned web professional, offering web design and SEO services to Rochester, NY, the surrounding region and the country!

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Website Design & SEO Services for Rochester Businesses

With over 10 years of experience serving the NYC metro area, I am am pleased to now offer services to the people, community and businesses of Rochester, NY.

Creative, corporate, industrial, entertainment and more. It’s all about the relationship. I ensure that both myself and my clients feel comfortable before engaging in a business deal or partnership.

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I design websites that help you rank higher on Google. It’s our specialty. When you hire me, you don’t pay extra for search engine optimization. Your website will automatically be optimized based on my 10+ years of experience. I build search optimized websites for all types of businesses and organizations.

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DIY Web Design or Hire a Rochester Pro?

Anyone can build a website these days. From DIY builders like Squarespace and Wix, to professional hand-coded websites, there are endless options for developing your website. CDL500 is different because I put myself in your shoes.

I want you to be proud of your website, and you should be! I want your website to make you money, and it should! Those are key factors in my design process. Always thinking about the big picture, not just putting some text and images on a page.

The Purpose of Your Website

It’s important for your website to have a goal and demographic. Just because your business is based in NY, that doesn’t mean your customers or clients are too. Many local businesses cater not only locally, but regionally, nationally and even globally. When I build your website, I’ll take factors like this into account.

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Web Design Portfolio

Click a company below to view their live website, which I designed!

ThorobirdDouglass RecordingMAX Management| CH5DThe SkillmanGotham Drywall

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douglass recording studio - website by CDL500
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the skillman nyc restaurant website
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Each website we design has a specific job. A goal.

It may even have multiple goals. Examples of goals are: generating leads, providing information, making sales or building video views or social media follows. I’ll help determine the best goal and optimize your website specifically for that.

SEO Keyword Successes

One of my stand-out factors is my deep understanding and application of SEO, search engine optimization. Sometimes a website can look really good, but be difficult for Google’s robots to understand. This means it doesn’t show up when people search for related keywords on Google. Which means money and traffic is being left on the table! I apply SEO standards to every site we build. Here are some examples of my latest successes.

When I first renovated their site, they were in the middle/bottom of page two. One month after launch, they are at the bottom of page one. I have high hopes to break into the top 5 for “recording studio in brooklyn” and similar semantic keywords.

rochester website design - recording studio

Learn French Brooklyn

While this client has changed their website since I built it, I succeeded in getting them into the #1 slot for the keyword “learn french brooklyn” and related. This exposure on Google helped launched their company from zero to fully operational. My SEO skills helped drive traffic to the site, and our website design and focus on conversions helped turn more visitors into leads. More leads means more potential for sales.

  • learn french brooklyn
  • french classes brooklyn
  • french for kids brooklyn
rochester SEO expert services

I built this site from the ground up, starting in 2013. Over the course of many years I was able to successfully position this website on page one for multiple keywords. I have since ended my engagement with this client, so rankings have fallen a bit, but at the height of our work, they were ranking on page one for highly competitive keywords like

  • nyc gifted and talented
  • nyc shsat test prep
  • brooklyn tachs test prep
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Despite the political nature of this website, this is my #1 SEO success. With the legalization of marijuana looming for New York State, I saw an opportunity. The market is going to ask where to buy weed once it becomes legal. I just decided to get a head start.

With zero start up cost except our SEO knowledge, I was able to rank on the top of virtually all brooklyn weed related keywords. Give it a try! (by the way, this website is for sale!)

  • buy weed brooklyn
  • weed in brooklyn
  • where to get weed in brooklyn
buyweedbrooklyn website ss

My own website! I only started trying to rank our own website in mid-2017, and I am in a very competitive market. Improving your rankings on Google can take some time, especially when there is heavy competition.

I am proud to say that my own website has been steadily rising for my target keywords over the last 2 years, and continues to rise. Some keywords it ranks for or have greatly improved ranking for are:

  • brooklyn website design company
  • brooklyn seo expert
  • and other related semantic keywords
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Chad Lewine

Founder / Designer, CDL500

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