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Local SEO marketing can help your business generate more leads from Google Maps, Yelp Facebook and more!

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Why You Need to Hire a Local SEO Expert for Your Business

You have the opportunity to get a head start on your local competition. Right now you can take advantage of a new marketing platform – I mean right now! Not everyone has caught on to the power of local SEO. It’s only been about ten years since SEO has entered the conversation as a major player is business marketing strategies. That’s fairly new when compared to traditional marketing platforms and even websites in general.

Local Search Engine Optimization is crucial for all businesses that want major market share, but especially for business in highly competitive industries. We’re talking legal professions, insurance, business services, finance and more. If you want your business to stand out against competitors, you need to engage a Brooklyn SEO expert that knows the area and knows your competition. You need SEO because sooner or later everyone will be doing it. Why not start now?

Reach Users in Your Area

​When we begin a local SEO marketing campaign, I’ll do an audit of your existing web presence. There are so many hyper local listings and directories – if you aren’t taking advantage of all of them, your website is suffering! Maintaining an optimized presence on websites like yelp and Facebook greatly increases your exposure to search engines and customers looking for your services.

I’ll update and optimize the listings that you already have so they are more search engine friendly. We’ll discuss where else we can list your business to boost your overall local SEO health. Hiring an experienced local SEO expert can help you prove to search engines that your business is in a consistent location. This helps your business will show up on Google Maps and in location-based searches.

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