SEO Site Sweep & SEO Audit

CDL500 offers website¬†an SEO Site Sweep & Audit to fix and improve your site’s SEO foundation. If your site has not been optimized for search engines or you are suffering from a bad SEO campaign, an SEO site sweep and audit is one of the most important small investments you can make today.

SEO site sweep and audit

On-site SEO Sweep/Audit

Technical Audit

  • Site speed
  • Crawl errors / configuration
  • Broad audit on Search Console data
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Sitemap(s) optimization
  • Web site architecture
  • JavaScript/CSS optimization
  • Indexability (which pages are indexed & ranking already)
  • Research any penalties served by search engines
  • URL structure
  • Image optimization opportunities
  • Content and optimization of blog posts

Content Audit

  • Audit and fix on-site content for top level pages


  • Review internal linking strategy
  • Compile a list of top 10-20 links pointing to your website
  • Scan for poor quality backlinks to address.
  • Broken link sweep (discover broken links, fix first 20)

Competitor Analysis, Identify:

  • What others are already doing in the space, and how successful they are.
  • Areas of opportunity and weaknesses to exploit (non-malicious)
  • What tactics a competitor is using to gain a competitive advantage.

Local SEO Sweep

  • Manually audit and update major local directory listings (Yelp, Facebook, Google)

Unique errors or SEO malpractice reversal will incur additional fees

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