Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social media. While it may have been overwhelming at first, we are easing into the reality that social media is here to stay. For a small business (or any size business) to thrive in the Internet age, they must maintain a presence on social.

“This is where your customers are and where they’re talking about you. At any moment someone might be talking about your business on a social network.”

Excerpt 2017 SMB Social Media Handbook

social media for brooklyn small business

Social media is an investment.

You are making an investment in your customers when you have an organized social media strategy. You are making an investment in your company when you have clear goals to develop and publish content, reach an ever growing audience and raise brand awareness. We can help your company set into motion an orderly, goal-driven social media strategy.

Social Media in Brooklyn and NYC

Part of why I love Brooklyn and NYC is that there are so many users active on social media. For most local businesses, social media is a goldmine. They just haven’t quite figured out which tools to use and when to use them. That is what we do! We help develop a guidebook, a character and voice for your brand that anyone can follow. This way you don’t have to worry about your social media narrative changing if your social media manager quits. Or, if you are managing social on your own, when you finally are able to hire someone, they can follow the same guidelines. Your community won’t even realize there’s someone new on the other end.

If you are ready to step up your social media activity, send me an email! No question too big or small.