Website Design Process

How We Go From Data To Diamonds


The first step of our website design process is to evaluate your current website, competitors’ websites, audience, short and long term goals and existing website traffic patterns. This data will be used to improve what is working and change what is not. Measure twice, cut once. Planning helps everyone save time and money.

Design & Content

Next, we’ll choose a theme and apply your specific branding requirements. Then we’ll stylize it based on the content we load up on your pages. We like to let the content dictate the design, not the other way around.


Ensure all possible SEO standards are met. Moving and placing buttons, links and content in the best place for users to read or access.

Test & Launch

Test each and every page on multiple devices as to catch any quirks. We’ll make sure it works every-where, every-time. Then, we launch… and celebrate your brand new website!

Read a complete breakdown of my website design process and fees.

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